Jessica Simpson is a music sensation who rose to fame at a very tender age of nineteen.

Her melodious voice gained her great recognition and her terrific acting skills served as a bonus for her career.

jessica simpson weight loss

But apart from her singing and acting proficiency, Simpson possesses great fashion sense and has a clothing line by her name called, Jessica Simpson Collection.

Saying this would not be wrong that Jessica is one example of beauty with brains!


Jessica has always been very confident about herself.

According to 37 years old, not each one of us has a same size and so does the shape.

Jessica SimpsonThus, if you want to be happy, you should start accepting the way you are and love yourself anyway. Well, her statements have always signified her optimistic attitude and positivity she has for herself.

However, Jessica’s self-confidence was said to shatter when she gained a significant level of weight, after her second pregnancy.

Nonetheless, she soon decided to take charge and work for the charm she lost in her physique!

So, how did Jessica Simpson transform?

What measures did she take to fight against all the extra pounds that came along with her pregnancy?

Was it the lifestyle tweaks that worked for her, or she did something extra ordinary, let’s find out!

Height: 5.2 inches.
Weight loss: 60lbs.
Current weight: 57kgs (126lbs)
Measurements: 38-25-35 inches.


The young and beautiful Jessica now looks half of her age, and why not, it’s like her hard work being paid off!

Certainly, the secret to her perpetual youth is the constant efforts she takes to look and feel good.

Jessica Simpson after BabyHowever, when she delivered her son back in 2013, changes that were triggered by pregnancy were visible in her.

She believes that it took her sheer dedication and courage to decide that she wants to change, and not just the decision, sticking on her decision throughout the period was also patience testing.

Now there are several factors that may have a contribution in her weight gain, apart from pregnancy of course.

These factors could be stress, poor lifestyle choices and very importantly, aging.

As we know, the aforementioned factors have a great toll on the metabolic rate, which in turn, results in weight gain.

Jessica Simpson weight loss was due to her eagerness to regain self-confidence. She wanted to look and feel beautiful again.

Other than that, her wedding ceremony scheduled ahead kept her enthusiastic about her goals throughout!


Losing weight for Jessica, was never that simple at it is for most of us.

She too, has a body that has the tendency to gain weight quick, but shed weight slow. And hence, the process to get back in form was very challenging for her.

Jessica credits the conventional weight loss methods behind her success.

She is not in favor of trying methods that can turn out harmful for her in anyway.

She too, believes in slow, but constant progress that results in healthy slimming. And hence, Jessica ate well, train well and made all the essential lifestyle changes that took her closer to her targets.

The singer followed plenty of diets, however some of Jessica Simpson diet are:

  1. High protein diet.
  2. Weight watchers diet.
  3. Low carb diet.
  4. Five factors diet.

The singer moved her focus more towards lean protein, healthy fats and vegetables.

Besides that, she was also encouraged to take smoothies to avoid unnecessary munching and for better supply of nutrition.

Foods she restricted herself from having were high calorie drinks, whole grain bread and nut butter.

The woman also confessed of enjoying cheat snacks, whenever she felt the need and at points where she was allowed to.

Well, Jessica Simpson before and after photos depicts how strictly she has followed her diets and healthy eating habits.

Jessica also invested a great deal of time training her body.

She exercises under a professional trainer who has specifically designed a plan according to her body needs.

Jessica Simpson workout is engaging and effective.

Her trainer paid a heavy emphasis on strength and cardio training exercises for her to kick off her unhealthy weight too quick.


Jessica’s transformation is one example which proves that hard work, patience, dedication, healthy diet and workout, all ultimately adds to weight loss.

Jessica Simpson Results

It also proves that one need not to seek unconventional methods to accomplish results and must adhere to what works in a natural way.

The moment Jessica posted her transformed photos on her Instagram account; her fans went crazy praising her.

For some, she is an inspiration, for others, she is a hero who has managed to accomplish all that she wanted!


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